ND CERTIFIED BRED MATURITY Chippewa Downs - Race 4 - 6/24/18 -Purse $15,000
1st MR KING CARTEL owner David Wisdom
2nd DENIUM DUST owner Jesse Morin
3rd JENNAS EASY EAGLE owner John Bubel
4th RAMBLIN ON IN STYLE owners Mike & Georgine Wolf
5th WINNING SCRIPT owner Steve Leonard
SHAKIRI owner Diane Carpentier

ND CERTIFIED BRED DERBY – ND Horse Park Race 7 – 7/27/18 – Purse $15,720

1st TEXAS EYE owner William Geditz
2nd MS VERONICA owner Leon Glasser
3rd DASHING COMPANY owner Darrel Smith
4th LITTLE SPEED WAGON owner Darrel Smith
5th COWBOYWANNAB owner Tyrell Moody
6th Cat and Company owner Rodney Smith

NORTHERN PLAINS FUTURITY Chippewa Downs - Race 5 - 6/25/18 – Purse $ 22,500
1st RAMBLIN V EIGHT owner Bryson Dewald
2nd SUCHA SALTY VAL owner John Bubel
3rd LOOKS LIKE A RAMBLER owner Perry Cavanaugh
4th STRAWFLY STYLE owner Randal Schwartz
5th GAMBLE ON TOSHKY owner Doug DeMontigny
6th SUCH A SILK DASHER owner John Bubel


ND CERTIFIED BRED FUTURITY – ND Horse Park  - Race 8 – 7/28/18 – Purse $ 20,395
1st DAWSONS AFFAIR owner Leon Glasser
2nd HASTA BE KWIK owner Junior Dolphus
3rd HESA MR MOONFLASH owner David Wisdom
4th LOOKS LIKE A RAMBLER owner Perry Cavanaugh
5th SUCHA EASY MEMORY owner Robert L. Herman
6th STRAWFLY STYLE owner Darrel Smith